Planning for African Wildlife Photography Tour and trips in Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The following are important things to pack into your trip and all safari leads by African Wildlife photography tour experts. As with any journey an early planning is essential and a good start would be by having your African Wildlife photography safari itinerary prepared. This way you will know what sort of things you should consider bringing on your safari.

Firstly, do get a rough itinerary on where you want to go and for how long. By having a good plan in hand you will make the most out of your safari. You can ask around for recommendations of top spots and places to visit. Most likely the most important part of your safari though will be choosing a safari guide.

Your safari guide should be knowledgeable and experienced in African Wildlife Photography. They should also have contacts with other like-minded photographers who can also help to fill in the gaps when you aren’t there. Make sure you choose your guide carefully because the job of an African Wildlife Photography safari guide is to make your trip enjoyable so make sure you choose wisely.

On your safari you’ll have many opportunities for photography. For example, you could visit Lake Bunyonyi in the Great Rift Valley. This lake is also known as the ‘crown jewel’ of Rwanda because of its great lakes view and its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Your guide’s knowledge of this area will make him/her able to take you to the perfect spots and give you advice on what to photograph.

Another good place to visit would be Muhazi, another district in northern Rwanda. There are a number of world-class photographic spots here, including Lake Burera, Nyungwe Game Reserve, and Muhazi National Park. The great thing about Muhazi is that it is not as crowded as other regions of Rwanda so you get to see some good wildlife. You can expect beautiful landscapes and lots of beautiful scenes when you go on an African Wildlife Photography safari.

The last stop on your African Wildlife Photography safari should be Kigali, which is the capital city of Rwanda. There are lots of opportunities to get cheap flights to Kigali and hire a vehicle rental. You can sightsee around town before you head back to the safari camp. Be sure to visit the Volcanoes National Park when you are in Kigali because it is a must see and explore for all African Wildlife Photography safari participants.