Before placing a bet in a online casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์), it is not only important to know the rules of each game, but also to know the version of the game in which you will be participating.

In the case of Baccarat the most played versions are: White Point, which is the most popular, its main characteristic is that you will almost always act as the banker; Super Pan 9, played with only 36 cards; Chemin De Fer, the players deal the cards, the banker rotates and if any player scores 5 points, he can decide whether to stand or ask for more cards.

Other versions of the Baccarat game are Baccarat in Banque, where the player who wants to play with the highest risk will be the bank; and three cards Baccarat, where the player and the bank receive three cards and the one with the highest value is the hand with three faces.

Generally the basic rules of baccarat apply in all modalities. However, these small variations make the depth of the game even greater. We recommend that you try playing for free to see which one best suits your tastes. If you want to play online casino do not hesitate to enter ufa888, the best casino in Thailand.

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