There is no telling the quality of experience your guests get at the event your organized when you lack a quality catering plan. Rather than choose a traditional catering option, why not go for the mobile food truck catering services? There is a long list of merits that you enjoy by finding a cost efficient solution like food truck wedding catering. For you and your guests to get a better experience with your food truck hiring plan, these are the tips to consider.
Figure out the number of guests first
How many people are you expecting at your event? The guest list is part of the factors you mind for budgeting. You should however determine the number of guests in order to budget appropriately for the number of food trucks needed, types of menu to think about and most importantly the setting for instance tables and chairs to set up for eating.
Budget ideally
Unfortunately budgeting is a process that covers all the details of the event which means proper research is necessary. For an ideal budgeting plan, determine your menu well in advance, price of hiring one food truck, the number of food trucks to hire and most importantly how many guests will be coming to the event. It is furthermore safer to set aside some extra budget just in case there are any urgent needs that pop up amid the event.
Choose the best parking spot
There are a few factors which determine the guest flow in an event for instance the number of guests that are available, number of food trucks and ultimately the positioning of the trucks at the venue. Give your guests space to form a line and most importantly choose a positioning near the action where access to food and snacks has been made easier.