Just in case you haven’t seen, insta scenario are very popular these days. With 500 million day-to-day users, it’s no surprise why businesses are employing this attribute to attain a larger market. But what in order to INSTAGRAM STORY (인스타스토리) characteristic somebody else with your story? Here’s a quick guideline regarding how to accomplish that.

1. Open up the Instagram app and visit your scenario digicam.

2. Acquire or post a photograph or video that you would like to discuss.

3. Touch the display screen to take up the editing instruments, then pick the “Peel off stickers” alternative.

4. Select the “Featured” sticker through the choices provided.

5. Enter in the username of the person you would like to function, then tap “Accomplished.”

6. Place the sticker label the place you want to buy on your picture or video, then touch “Give To.”

7. Decide on who you need to send your tale to, then tap “Send.”


There you might have it! A easy and quick manual on how to attribute someone else inside your Instagram Story. This is a great way to give shoutouts, promote other businesses, or simply demonstrate some enjoy to your pals and readers. Give it a go the very next time you’re posting a narrative and see the actual way it goes!